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The matter of our future.

The matter of our future.

Everything around us is made out of materials, and these materials have a direct impact on our earth. 


Super Bamboo designs advanced augmented bamboo materials, pushing beyond the boundaries of what was thought to be achievable. 


Our mission is to help reduce the carbon footprint and help build a greener and more sustainable future through our novel materials .



  • Deforestation

  • Over 70% of the world's timber is still not FSC certified

  • Formaldehyde content



  • Huge carbon emission

  • Non-renewable

  • Air pollution

  • Wastewater pollution



  • Huge carbon emission

  • Non-biodegradable

  • Toxic 

  • Destroy levels of ecological organisation

Our Solution

Nature's Brilliance +
Innovative Engineering

We are taking one of nature's best material, and elevating it to a level that was not thought possible before. 

Designed With a  Bottom-up Philosophy

We took years of research to first understand the underlying mechanisms of bamboo to design the optimum augmented bamboo materials.

Why Bamboo?

We chose bamboo as our base material because it's impressive array amazing properties.

One of the fastest growing plants in the planet

Absorbs CO2 and releases O2, 35% more than trees

Naturally as strong as hardwood

Abundance in supply and cheap

Our Story

Cofounders of Super Bamboo

image (1)_edited.jpg

Our technology was born in the Nanomechanics and Materiomics Laboratory at the City University of Hong Kong. 

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Our scientists have worked in:

Inspired by his hometown, which has bamboo forests. Prof. Lu Yang started to research bamboo materials.


Super Bamboo Established:


Our story has only just begun. We are incredibly excited to bring forth more innovative bamboo technologies that will change how our world will be built.

R&D Started:

After a successful proof-of-concept, granted patents, extensive market research, and discussions with industry experts. Super Bamboo was established.

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